Top 5 Awkward Questions About Visiting a Nude Beach Answered

“It’s really very straightforward”

by Megan

All the awkward questions you were afraid to ask but really want to know about visiting a nude beach are answered here. It’s really not as scary as you think!

Despite the stripped-down nature of a nude beach, we understand that it can be an intimidating place to visit initially. However, this shouldn’t deter you from embracing the freedom and finding your perfect spot on a nude beach. There are different, potentially anxiety-inducing factors to consider, and I’m here to clear up a few things for you.

1) What if I run into someone I know?

I used to joke that it’s best to make friends at nude beaches, not run into friends there, but over the years, the idea of encountering someone I know has become less and less scary.

What helped was my first run-in with someone from work. They chose not to be nude, and I had just arrived at the beach. We walked by, said our hellos, and chatted for a while. My partner and I ended up sitting a few yards away and were nude. It was a scenario I had worried about so many times, but in reality, my coworker and I were there with different people, so we weren’t paying any attention to each other. It really didn’t matter if we were clothed or not.

All that to say: run-ins with friends, coworkers, or acquaintances might happen, but it’s not awkward unless you make it that way!

2) What if I’m on my period?

Don’t let Aunt Flow keep you from living your best nude beach life! Sure, you’re likely not going to go fully nude, but if you really want to – tampons are a girl’s best friend in this scenario, especially if you just cut the string. If you’d prefer to just go topless, there are many period underwear options that very much look like bathing suit bottoms. Knix actually make leakproof bikinis which are comfortable and very stylish. Highly recommended! Most nude beaches are generally accepting whatever you are or aren’t wearing with only a few places in Europe enforcing mandatory nudity. Research the nude beach before you go.

3) How do I keep from getting sand in…there?

Being naked really does expose you to all of the elements, including sand. I find it’s best to bring a blanket and lie on that rather than just a towel. What you sit on also becomes a big deal when you don’t have any clothing protection on your butt! Get a quality blanket that has some padding, is lightweight and keeps the sand out to ensure a comfortable day.

It’s also a good idea to rinse off in the water and brush off your blanket regularly. It never hurts to have a shower once you get home, too. Sometimes its actually harder to get sand out when its stuck inside your bikini. So this is can less of a problem than most people think!

4) What if I start to feel aroused?

The same rules apply here as when you’re visiting any beach or anywhere in public, really. Unfortunately for men, it’s a bit more challenging to be discreet at a nude beach. If this is you, feel free to get dressed, throw a towel over yourself or lie down in a way that conceals your arousal. While it’s a natural part of life, it can come across as creepy and is extremely off-putting in a nude beach environment. In saying that, despite visiting dozens of nude beaches each summer I’ve yet to see this ‘issue’ occur in real life. In general most nude beaches are way less ‘exciting’ than you think and there really isn’t much sexual about them at all.

Wreck Beach sign

5) Is it ok to rub sunscreen…down there?

Sun protection is important, maybe nowhere more so than at a nude beach! Everyone around you is in the same situation, so don’t feel weird about rubbing sunscreen everywhere you need to. Just be sure you’re careful when using sunscreen on your genitals, as it’s a sensitive area! Some cheaper aerosol sunscreens can really sting down there. Ouch. We’ve learnt that cheaper brands generally don’t offer the best protection and can also be really painful. Try a brand like Neutrogena Sun Protection which feels less like sunscreen and more like moisturizer. Sun Bum is also less expensive and really good quality. Remember you’ll need twice as much sunscreen because you’ll be covering more areas!

Got any tips for newbies or advice on choosing a beach? Add your thoughts below!

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