Top 10 Urban Nude Beaches Around the Globe

“Forget long hikes, these city beaches are dead easy to access”

Finding clothing-optional beaches is straightforward in quaint seaside towns or secluded spots. Sometimes, if a beach is deserted enough, you might even manage to discreetly strip down for a quick skinny dip. However, locating a prime nude beach near a bustling city can be more challenging. Despite this, such beaches exist and are gaining popularity as a means to escape the fast-paced urban life. After all, what could be better than shedding your clothes and basking in the sun, sans fabric?

If you’re not quite sold on the idea yet, perhaps our beginner’s guides could help make your first experience a positive one.

We’ve tallied up your ratings and crunched the numbers to bring you the top 10 urban nude beaches around the globe that you should definitely visit (in order from lowest to highest rating). These beaches are not only accessible from major urban centers but also wholeheartedly embrace the culture of nude sunbathing.

Curious about how we picked these gems? Scroll down to the nitty-gritty of our selection process.

10/ Bellevue Beach, Copenhagen – Denmark

Europe isn’t short of nude beaches but Copenhagen’s Bellevue Beach ticks almost every box

Copenhagen’s anything goes attitude is on display at nearby Bellevue Beach. This grassy beach is easily accessed by train or bicycle. You can be as naked or clothed as you want. Everyone else is seemingly oblivious to the surroundings and in a sun daze. Soak it up like the locals do and dunk yourself in the refreshing waters for a unique Scandinavian experience. A Danish hotdog at the beach will truly top off your nude beach visit.

9/ Baker Beach, San Francisco – USA

Iconic city attraction and nudity don’t nomally mix! But in San Fran you can definitely have both.

Baker Beach is bucket list material. Swimming and tanning au naturale with the epic Golden Gate Bridge in the background is a surreal experience.
The beach used to be a magnet for only the most desperate nude beach affectionados – the harbour was a little dirty, the beach a little grungy and not well attended. However things have changed and Baker Beach shines in all its glory. A short drive is all takes to get this epic view in your birthday suit.

8/ Brighton Naturist Beach, Brighton – UK

France? Spain? Nope. Brighton has a stunning clothing optional beach!

Most people will be surprised that a British beach makes the list, it’s not exactly known for seaside locations let alone nude beaches.

However anyone in Brighton will be familiar with this not so hidden gem. Located right in the centre of the city, Brighton Naturist Beach is stunning and scores well above average when it comes to baring it all.

The long pebble-filled beach can be chilly during the early part of the season but by mid summer it’s a welcome relief to take a refreshing dip here. Cross the road for some fish and chips after a swim – you’ve got the perfect day out in Brighton!

7/ Denny Blaine, Seattle – USA

Sandwiched between mansions in the rich part of the city, Denny Blaine is a rare summer oasis in Seattle.

A nude beach on a freshwater lake overlooking the mountains is a stunning backdrop for this iconic park in Seattle.

Denny Blaine is lucky to still be here after the community fought to block a proposed children’s playground on the beach.

The beach is still relatively unknown to tourists but definitely popular with locals and the LGBTQ+ crowd. Everyone is welcome and the vibe is friendly but relaxed. The large grassy park is easily accessed from downtown by bus or car in less than 20minutes (beware spots fill up very fast on a hot summer day).

6/ Feringasee Beach, Munich – Germany

Less than 20 minutes from one of the world’s busiest airports lies this clothing optional gem in Germany

Fancy a quick nude dip during your stopover at Munich’s busy airport? It’s possible to escape the airport hall and be relaxing on the grass at Feringasee in less than 20mins!

This landlocked city has more than enough nude lakes to go around. What makes Feringasee extra special in summer is the German beer garden and dedicated nude section. Watching massive planes land at Munich airport while you’re in the buff is also a unique experience!

5/ Hanlan’s Point Beach, Toronto – Canada

Lake views or busy skyline views? You choose at Hanlan’s Point in Toronto

When you think of Canada’s largest city, nude beaches and sunny islands probably aren’t your first thought! Especially in a city well known for winter snowfall and below freezing temperatures.
But in summer Toronto thaws out at Hanlan’s Point which is located on an island and a very quick ferry ride from downtown Toronto.
With city skyline views in the background and crowds of eager locals hitting the sand – there is no mistaking this beach is right in the middle of one of the most densely populated regions on in North America.
Make sure you find the designated clothing optional beach on the island before you strip down! You definitely won’t be only one in the buff here.

4/ Lady Bay Beach, Sydney – Australia

Hit the water for an epic backside view (pun intended) of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Hands down the best view of any beach in Sydney’s iconic harbour. This nude beach has a view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge!

Easily accessible by regular ferries from the city, Lady Bay Beach is a calm oasis protected from waves and the ocean swell. While not as popular as Bondi Beach, we think the views are better here and you can play tourist whilst still avoiding tan lines.

Nearby Cobblers Beach is also popular but lacks the million dollar views. While Lady Bay isn’t normally as busy as Cobblers Beach, you’ll always be surrounded by people sans-clothing here.

3/ Platja de la Mar Bella, Barcelona – Spain

Possibly the busiest clothing optional beach in Europe, ‘Mar Bella’ (as the locals know it) is unmissable

Finding a bustling nude beach near one of Europe’s busiest cities is no easy task. While this part of the world loves a nude beach, normally they are tucked away in smaller coastal villages. Not in Barcelona! Mar Bella Beach packs a huge punch and is always bumping. It’s probably the busiest nude beach you’ll ever visit and there are no shortage of naked bodies.

Add two beachside bars with take away cocktails and you’ve got party vibes in a city known for having a good time. Mar Bella is right next to the city centre and easily accessed by train or a short walk down the promenade.

2/ Haulover Beach, Miami – USA

Haulover Nude Beach. Miami Florida USA

String bikinis dominate South Beach but Miami has a very well attended nude beach. Haulover Beach is loved by locals and sort after by tourists in the know.
What South Beach lacks in community vibes is made up for in abundance at Haulover Beach. Regulars make sure this place is welcoming and true to the nude beach culture. Add in the perfect white fluffy sand and inviting water – you have a really special place.
America’s largest nude beach is enjoyed most of the year and is so close to busy South Beach that you’ll probably stumble across it by accident.

1/ Wreck Beach, Vancouver – Canada

Vancouver’s Wreck Beach is a laidback clothing optional beach with lots of personality

Canada’s largest nude beach feels like it is a million miles away from civilization and stays true to its name – coming here you feel like you’ve been shipwrecked and landed on a nude oasis.

Vendors ply the beach and sell everything you could wish for (and some things you probably haven’t tried since high school!).

Wreck is the best of both worlds and the reason why it ranks number on the list. It’s only 25minutes away from bustling traffic in Downtown Vancouver but it feels like you’re on vacation somewhere else. Eagles soar above the beach and the outlook towards Vancouver Island is completely devoid of buildings or houses.

Wreck Beach is a great place for newbies and despite being the number 1 nude beach, clothing is optional here. But we’re sure the relaxed vibe will have your baring all in no time – not that anyone cares either way!

How did you decide what is ‘the best’ city nude beach?

We assigned beaches a score based on the Nude Beach Map review and combined that with Google ratings. Finally we weighted beaches higher the closer they are located to the city centre.

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