The Naked Truth: Big Nude Boat

by Matt / Francelli

Nude Beach Map’s Francelli boarded The Big Nude Boat 2024 with a mix of excitement and curiosity. Let’s be honest – cruise ships often cater to an older demographic. From my experience on a non-nude cruise to the Pacific Islands a few years ago, I was convinced that rarely anyone under 70 cruises. While I had a great time, meeting more people my age would have been nice.

The good news? This ‘nakation to bare-adise’ attracts an older crowd (as expected for a cruise), but there’s also a large number of younger passengers. With live music, comedy shows, games, and plenty of outdoor pool hangouts, you have the perfect recipe for a fantastic time! The ship feels like a nude resort or hotel on the ocean, but with a significant advantage – it’s much larger, and you get to see amazing sights. What we found on The Big Nude Boat exceeded our expectations.

Importantly, The Big Nude Boat is just that – a nude cruise, not a swingers’ or singles’ event. While you’ll find single people aboard, the vibe is laid-back, and it’s essential to follow nude beach etiquette. In simple terms, the rules of a normal cruise ship apply, except you can be naked most of the time. They do ask that you dress for dinner in the dining room and while the ship is in port.

The atmosphere onboard is very relaxed, and most people are incredibly approachable. It’s like a friendly clothing-optional beach packed onto a large cruise ship! Bare Necessities Tour & Travel have been organizing these cruises since the 1990s, so they know what they’re doing, and the whole experience is very professional. Francelli spent her days with a quick gym session, relaxing by the pool, enjoying the views, or exploring the ship. And yes, you can go to the casino and onboard shops nude. It’s a fantastic experience. While the ship staff remain clothed, there’s no judgment, and they are extremely respectful.

According to Bare Necessities, “it’s our pleasure to provide you with the luxury of deciding what NOT to wear.” The company has chartered over 75 full-ship nude cruises since 1990, ensuring a professional and enjoyable experience. They emphasize that guests should follow certain rules, including “wearing clothes in the dining rooms and while docked at port, and putting a towel down before sitting when bare-bottomed”.

The only downside Francelli noted was the air conditioning. Inside, it can get very cold, which isn’t ideal when you’re naked. The room ACs are not controllable, so it became a ‘cover up indoors but get naked outdoors’ experience. Hopefully, future cruises with a different line and ship will address this.

The Big Nude Boat 2024 lasted 7 days, departing from Tampa and visiting Cozumel and Costa Maya in Mexico, as well as Mahogany Bay in Honduras, where the ship had private use of Carnival’s island. The cruise gets even bigger in 2025 – literally. The Norwegian Pearl will welcome over 2,300 nude guests, with staterooms spread across seven decks. The ship offers 16 dining venues, 14 bars and lounges, a casino, and a spa, so guests will have ample opportunities to relax and socialize with people who share their interests. The itinerary is epic, lasting 11 days and visiting nearly half a dozen Caribbean islands. This is the best itinerary we’ve seen The Big Nude Boat put together!

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Check out The Naked Truth from Francelli below, and if you’ve been on The Big Nude Boat in the past, please let us know your thoughts!

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