Beach Bum Bios: Francelli_r

A Journey from Caution to Comfort in Zipolite

Francelli is one of Mexico’s most well known nude beach advocates. Behind the fun summer photos, she publicly battles the stereotype that is nudism. But she does it out of love for a freedom that is sometimes misunderstood.

Where was your first nude beach experience and how did it feel?
The first nudist beach I visited was Zipolite Oaxaca, it was impressive because as I arrived a few days before the nudist festival. There were still not many naked people on the beach, so there were only a few of us naked. When the festival started it was completely different! So many naked people everywhere! The experience was incredible, now I’ve been going to Zipolite at least once a year for 7 years.

What is your favourite nude beach?
Zipolite. Because it is in my country and it is the only one in Mexico. I love the climate, the people, the food and the affordable prices.

What’s your nude beach must have?
Definitely a good towel or pashmina to dry off, sit on and protect yourself from the sun.

Francelli nude in Zipolite

Why do you prefer nude beaches?
Because I don’t like wearing a swimsuit. Naked I feel free and comfortable.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about nude places?
That some people believe if you are a nudist it is ok to do acts of exhibitionism. Ideally nude beaches should carry out campaigns to inform people of what is and is not acceptable!

What advice would you give someone who is going to a nude beach for the first time?
Be well informed about what a nude beach is. Go with someone you trust, comply with the rules and be respectful of others at all times.

What’s the biggest challenge you face as an influencer of nudism?
The censorship of social media which limits and changes policies. It prevents my content from reaching people and changing the prejudices around naked bodies and nude places.

What is your hope going forward?
I want to let everyone know nudism exists and for them to be clear what it is about. I hope in the future there are more options for hotels, entertainment, restaurants and exercise. I wish that everyone could freely express they love nude places without being judged socially or discriminated against.

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  1. Franccelli es una de las más reconocidas personas que promueven el nudismo en México, aún no la conozco en persona pero tengo la seguridad que es un ser humano extraordinario y de buen corazón.

  2. Igual que Heriberto opino que Andrea Francelli es una de las mas reconocidas promotoras nudistas que hay en Mexico.


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