Top 5 Tips for Choosing Your First Nude Beach

Noumea's only nude beach

“You’ll never forget your first nude beach experience”

by Megan

Any beach day comes with a certain pressure to choose that perfect location but you will never forget your first nude beach. Here’s five things to think about when choosing your first beach experience sans bathing suit:

1) No Pressure

Obviously where you are will play a big role in how you choose your first nude beach. I was fortunate that our local nude beach is fairly mainstream in my city and there’s an understanding that full nudity isn’t required. This really takes the pressure off and allows you to feel out the vibe of the beach and dress or undress to your heart’s desire. For some, the first trip might just involve shedding a layer or two, and that’s perfectly okay. The idea is to immerse at your own pace, ensuring the experience is more liberating than intimidating.

Jerolim Island, Croatia is very chill and perfect for newbies

2) What kind of experience are you after?

Do you want a party vibe with lots of socializing or a more low-key experience by yourself or in a small group. This is important to decide ahead of time. Some are bustling hubs, perfect for those seeking lively conversations, beach games, and an overall energetic atmosphere. In contrast, others offer tranquil corners, ideal for introspection, relaxation, or quiet moments with close friends. Maybe the thought of getting topless or naked in front of friends horrifies you – that’s totally fine. I was like that the first time too.

Lively Platja de la Mar Bella in Barcelona, Spain

3) Learn from others

You’re in the right place! Use resources such as the advice and reviews of other people here to determine whether the nude beach you’re thinking of visiting is right for you. To start check out our FAQs about nude beaches and what to expect in general. Sometimes, a simple tip from a previous visitor can make all the difference, be it about the best time to visit, areas to avoid, or spots that offer the best views.

4) Let’s get physical

The benefit of many nude beaches is the remoteness and how far away they feel from civilization. This can sometimes mean a bit of a trek. Be aware of the physical requirements to get to where you’re going. Some beaches might be nestled behind rocky terrains, or perhaps they require a trek through a forest path. Before finalizing your destination, understand the journey. If you’re up for some adventure, these treks can be exhilarating. However, if you’re seeking a more straightforward experience, opting for more accessible beaches would be wise.

Wreck Beach, Vancouver – conquering the 473 stairs is the first step!

5) Don’t be salty

When deciding on a beach, the water source is just as important as the beach itself! Is it salt water you’re after? Not a fan of rough water? Prefer a lake? The water can make or break your beach day. Choose a beach where the water body ensures your day is as refreshing as you envisioned.


Coffs Harbour, Australia – strong waves can make swimming challenging

Got any tips for newbies or advice on choosing a beach? Add your thoughts below!

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